Company Overview

Dan Stiefel opened Green-N-Go on April 1, 2004. The company started out with five taxi cabs. In late November 2004, they switched to computers in the office to help with dispatching . In 2006, they installed MDT'S and GPS tracking to all of their cabs. This made dispatching easier and eliminated the use of paper, thus helping the environment. In 2008, they added ten 2008 Toyota Prius' to the fleet. They have had an outstanding response to these vehicles. in the late 2010 they added a ADA accessible van so they could help transport all customers without problems. On February 3, 2011, Green-N-Go Cabs purchased Super Yellow Cab and South Texas Shuttle, making them the largest taxi cab company in the bay area.

In the years that Green-N-Go has been open and serving the community, they have given back in a variety of ways. They have donated cab rides to the Hurricane Katrina victims, and money to the Food Bank for the hurricane Ike victims. They have also donated both food and money to the "Share Your Christmas Campaign" and during Halloween they hand out candy in the cabs. Every year at Christmas they give a retired taxi cab, that has been painted, to a family in need. Green-N-Go cab stays as involved in the community as possible.